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Toggle Recoil Technique at Complete Care Chiropractic

result-of-findings-male-patientAt our practice, we’re proud to offer an adjustment style for a variety of ailments. Toggle Recoil helps address upper cervical problems in patients who may be experiencing a variety of neurological, sinus and disc issues.

This extremely specific and focused adjustment is designed to remove subluxations (bones out of alignment) in the upper neck and reduce pressure on the brain stem and spinal cord. In fact, we use a specific head piece on our Drop Tables.

While it may sound intense, we promise the entire experience is gentle and effective!

Benefits of Upper Cervical (neck) Adjustments

We’ve seen many patients experiencing neurological problems respond extremely well to upper neck adjustments.


Because this technique focuses on removing subluxation (bones out of alignment) in the top two bones of your spine. As you can imagine, pressure on your brain stem can greatly limit proper function throughout the body, resulting in problems that can show up in many ways, including: ADD, migraines, sinus problems, vision complaints, temperature instability, sleep / wake cycle issues and more.

Learn More Today

Are you experiencing headaches, sinus problems or an overall lack of focus? This type of care may be ideal for you. We’d love to see you in our practice to get a better sense of your needs and goals.

Contact us today to book your first visit and begin care. We look forward to welcoming you or a loved one to our practice.



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