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Thompson Drop Table in Lafayette

female-upper-back-adjustementThompson technique is a full spine adjusting procedure. The nervous system controls every aspect of the body even leg lengths. This technique uses checks through muscle movements to make sure the spine and nervous system are free and clear of subluxations (bones out of alignment). It uses a sectional table that has movable pieces that is referred to as a drop table. Something referred to as a “drop table” might sound intimidating—but we promise, it’s not!

At Complete Care Chiropractic, we have three drop tables in the practice. Why? Because they help our patients receive the best possible adjustments when they need it most.

The Thompson Technique uses an adjusting table that can be moved in different ways.

Our drop table has four moveable components—the head piece, upper back, lower back and pelvic portion. Each portion moves up and down about a half an inch during an adjustment. This allows us to provide the right amount of pressure during a session that your body needs.

Our drop tables can also be lowered and raised, making it easy for patients with certain movement limitations to easily get on them.

Benefits of using a Drop Table

Drop table adjusting is extremely beneficial for ligaments and bones that may need additional care. Patients experiencing low back pain, hip pain or pelvic issues may benefit from receiving their adjustments on a drop table. In addition, upper cervical (neck) work can be performed on the top bones in the neck with the help of a specific head piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from a drop table session?

Many people can benefit! Because children need different care we do not use the drop pieces with children.

Is an adjustment gentle?

Definitely. We always employ a light adjustment style when we can. We pride ourselves on delivering effective adjustments to our patients.

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