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About Us

Complete Care Chiropractic SignHigh-Quality Wellness Care

Since 2007, Complete Care Chiropractic has been serving the Lafayette and Louisville communities. Dr. Laura Duke provides complete management of functional wellness, rather than just symptom relief. She listens carefully and cares for each patient as a treasured family member.

Our Practice Philosophy

Our goal is to build a healthy and robust community. We’re able to accomplish this vision by providing specific chiropractic care for families. Our office places focus on the overall function of the body and its self-healing properties.

We want all our patients to experience a better quality of life through genuine wellness. Our clinic offers a safe and loving haven for this to occur.

Visit our Office Today

Would you like to be able to do the things you used to love without pain? Have a better quality of life? Our greatest joy is reconnecting people to who they are. Our office features sophisticated diagnostic technology, including digitalized X-rays. Same-day appointments are available, and consultations are always free. Contact us today to book!

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