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Covid 19 Update

Dear Chiropractic Friends,

We are officially OPEN!!

We are more than ready to return to our mission of helping the community by providing exceptional chiropractic care! We want everyone to stay safe and do what they feel is necessary!

There are a few policies that we will be implementing during this time in order to stay compliant with DORA (Department of Regulatory Affairs), Mayor Jared Polis and the safety of our patients and staff.

  1. We ask that everyone coming to the office abide by the rules of wearing a mask while in the office. All staff members will be wearing masks and gloves when in contact with patients and Dr. Laura Duke will be wearing a mask and gloves during your adjustment.
  2. In order to abide by the 6ft. social distancing regulations, we will be asking that you check in and then return to your car to wait until you are directed to enter for your appointment. We will return to our normal office hours and YOU MUST CALL IN ADVANCE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. In order to remain compliant with all the regulations of the CDC, please know that adjustments and procedures are taking longer than normal. We have listed the office hours below for your reference moving forward. If you have received a NEW injury or were involved in an auto accident, you will need to call ahead to notify us so we can prepare the updated paperwork to complete a re-examination.
  3. We have been required to close all areas of the office except the adjusting tables. Please know that the restrooms and refreshment area WILL NOT be available. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  4. Everyone will be screened at the front desk. You will be required to complete a COVID questionnaire and we will be taking your temperature with a touch free forehead thermometer. Anyone who is not feeling well or has been exposed to a person with COVID is asked to stay home and quarantine based on the guidelines from the CDC.

We are so grateful for the support that our office has received during this time!

Please know that we are focused on providing a sanitary atmosphere. We have adopted the recommendations from OSHA, DORA and our political representatives. We will be providing wipes and hand sanitizer to our patients as well as consistently sanitizing the office with a mix of bleach water so we can all continue with good hygiene recommendations.

Office Hours:
Monday 7:30am – 11:30am & 3pm – 5pm
Tuesday 3pm – 6pm
Wednesday 7:30am – 11:30am & 3pm – 5pm
Thursday 3pm – 6pm

Please understand that things may change at anytime in order to mitigate an increase in COVID. We will be sure to keep you updated with any further information as it is received! To schedule your appointment, please feel free to contact the office via email at: or the office phone at 303-926-1575.

We hope you all have stayed safe and we are so excited to see you all again!

Dr. Laura & Bevin Duke